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DaVinci Digital's COVID-19 Update

What We Are Doing

DaVinci Digital is taking every possible step to ensure we can continue serving you. Our business is open and we will continue maintaining normal operating hours.

As you know, we are already able to support your fleet of servers and workstations with best-in-class remote management tools that let us solve nearly every issue that arises without having to set foot in your place of business. As we navigate re-opening phases within different municipalities, we have updated our safety protocol.

Safety Guidance for Engineer On-Site Visits

To curb the risk of transmission during a visit to your office from a DaVinci Engineer:

If you have updated guidance as it applies to your work environment, please make sure they are promptly communicated to your Account Manager. You can also call the main line at 503-239-1174 or email helpdesk@davincid.com with any updates or questions.

Safety Guidance for DaVinci Office

For your safety, all visits to the DaVinci office need to be scheduled in advance, even for short equipment pick-ups and drop-offs. You can schedule the visit by calling the main line at 503-239-1174 or emailing helpdesk@davincid.com.

We will be operating with only a core office operations staff in the building while our Engineering team works from home. Complimentary masks and sanitary products are available to you immediately inside our front door. Please let us know in advance of any other accommodations you will need on your visit.

We know that many of you are doing critical work—in some cases lifesaving work—with especially at-risk groups. We will continue to dedicate every possible resource to assisting you with any technological obstacles.

Be safe,

Your friends at DaVinci Digital

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