What We Do For You

At DaVinci we customize a technology partnership that matches the support of your business’s core competency. 

Some of Our Services

Cloud Services Assessments & Migrations

Your Outsourced IT Department

Comprehensive Network & Data Security Solutions

Cross-Platform Integration & Support for Windows, macOS & Android

Proprietary ERP/CRM Management & Integration


What is DaVinci's approach to client management & client relationships?

As a small boutique firm, we operate with a people-first approach that values true collaboration with our clients. In our model, our clients are our partners, not customers. This key paradigm shift is critical to understanding our organization, and impacts everything we do from the top down. 

When we enter into partnership, we aim to achieve an open and honest communication between our organizations, so that when a client reaches out, it feels as though they are calling their own staff down the hall. A client will get that level of partnership from everyone they work with at DaVinci, whether it’s the account manager, the primary engineer, the project manager or logistics coordinator.

We will also go out of our way to leave our customers feeling they were taken care of with integrity.  What does that mean? When we make a recommendation for a solution, we take risk and ownership of that project. If something isn’t working as planned, we will take responsibility. If we make a mistake, we will own our error, often before our client ever has an opportunity to do so. 

DaVinci operates with 100% transparency. We’d rather have a client relationship for 20 years and be able to sit at the table with the same people year after year, with the validation that we helped them go in the right direction, versus looking for a quick profit, where we complete a job, then move on to the next company.

How does DaVinci approach moving a client to the cloud?

The cloud is a hot topic today with the immediate perception of cost cutting. Yet in our experience, if companies move to the cloud without a lot of forethought, they can wind up creating something that’s far more expensive or undesirable for their workplace environment.

At DaVinci we are cloud neutral. We aren’t trying to push you to use anything. Instead we take the time getting to know the customer and their pain points. What we find is that many business owners feel trapped by technology. Whether they are in one industry or another, many feel they have to use one particular application, because it’s integral to their business. But this one application is incompatible with everything else they are doing.

To help work through this mindset, often we will say in conversation with a client, “We’re going to hand you a magic wand with zero consideration for cost, and zero consideration for compatibility issues, and we want you to paint your ideal picture for us.” Their response may be unrealistic or something they can’t afford, but it’s a mechanism for getting the customer to articulate what they really want.

For some clients, we have been able to take them all the way to the cloud; with other clients they go in thinking they want that and come out realizing they want a hybrid model or something different. Part of our cloud service offering, more than just pushing a lever and moving people to the cloud, is really helping our client determine what’s the best fit for them.

Rather than the cloud using the customer, we really help the customer use the cloud.

What is DaVinci's reputation regarding response time and/or being responsive to a query?

Response time is an important and critical metric when it comes to IT service firms. To that end, DaVinci Digital was founded to be a different kind of organization; A boutique agency with a quick response time baked into our model. 

How do we do it? We respond quickly, not because it’s written into a contract, but because of our people-first approach that leads to close working relationships with our clients. This is who we are. If we take you on, we become your IT department down the hall. 

The reality is, if you contact us for an issue that is not urgent, we would be shocked if you had to wait 24 hours before getting a response back. If it’s an urgent work stoppage situation, the response would be much sooner. 

How can a client trust this information, if it’s not in a contract? DaVinci Digital has grown organically and thrived for twenty-seven years exclusively from client referrals. To learn more about our response time, just talk to our clients.

How does DaVinci approach security issues and compliance?

We operate with an IT best practice that we consider to be conservative in approach. We look at security solutions and decisions to minimize risk. At the same time we are pretty pragmatic at the things that we think a client should look at, and we make those decisions based on requirements. 

For example, a medical facility that has to follow HIPAA guidelines is going to have very different best practice security requirements than a bank or retail store. We start by asking, where does the client have risk. We want to understand how a security breach might impact work productivity, or the need for cyber insurance. 

For most clients, it’s helpful to explain their varying needs for cyber insurance. Many clients believe that if they have a lot of insurance, they don’t need to worry about security or vice versa. The truth is more complicated. If you think your expensive insurance is protecting you, and you don’t need to follow best security practices, your insurance claim may not be valid. Each client presents a different set of circumstances to evaluate. 

We take a customized best practice approach to security, without being broadly alarmist and saying, “Oh, we should just shut everything down behind lock and key.” Employees don’t want to be annoyed by jumping through too many hoops while they’re working. What we do instead is find a way for a client to employ best practices, without feeling like they’ve got to have everything so tightly controlled.

What is DaVinci's approach to managing the costs of technology?

Whenever a client asks, “When can we stop spending money on technology?” We reply, “When can you stop going to the grocery store?” The truth is, technology is a consumable product, like junk food. You go through it very quickly and it burns out very quickly. 

At DaVinci, we want to be your business partner for years to come, so we tear the blinders off of hidden costs, and will not allow a client to sign off on a proposal until we know that they fully understand every cost associated with the solution, throughout the lifecycle of the solution, so there are no surprises.  

DaVinci looks at not just the cost of the equipment, but the cost of the labor to employ the equipment, the cost of maintaining the equipment, and the cost of training employees to use the equipment.

When it comes to controlling spiraling costs, you can rely on us to inform you precisely how many years will go by before you will need to make another expenditure. That’s why CFOs love us. Additionally, we stay on top of industry pricing, and as soon as we find something better and less expensive, we are going to recommend switching to that new offering, even if it means we reduce our profit margin. 

We will always factor in our own costs for the goods and services we are offering you, amortized over time, along with other fees and subscriptions. We do this even at the risk of selling our way out of the job, because in the DaVinci Digital business model, if our clients are successful, we’re successful.

Our Clients Are Diverse

We service a wide variety of sectors, including: 

Law Firms

• Case Management Database System Administration
• IT/Technical Expert Witness Consulting
• Extranet File Sharing Consolidation (eg. Dropbox, Box, SharePoint)
• Security Assessments, Remediation, & Certification Preparation (TPN/NIST/ISO/DoD/PCI)
Enterprise Network Design & Management

Creative Design / Marketing / Communications Agencies

• Security Assessments, Remediation, & Certification Preparation (TPN/NIST/ISO/DoD/PCI)
• High Performance NAS and SAN Storage
• Backup, Archiving, & Data Security
• Workstation Deployment & Management
• Digital Asset Management Implementation & Support
Enterprise Network Design & Management


• Database System Administration
• Enterprise Network Design & Management


• Database System Administration
• Enterprise Network Design & Management

Surgical Practices & Imaging

• Enterprise Network Design & Management
Secure Provider Intercommunication (securely cojoining medical networks, eg. Legacy, Providence, and Kaiser)
• Large format data management for imaging systems

Surgical Practices & Imaging

• Enterprise Network Design & Management
Secure Provider Intercommunication (securely cojoining medical networks, eg. Legacy, Providence, and Kaiser)
• Large format data management for imaging systems

Senior Living Communities

• Enterprise Network Design & Management
• Resident Private Network Design & Management
• Database Management
• System Administration

Industrial / Manufacturing

• Render Farm Administration and Management
• Enterprise Network Design & Management

Our sweet spot is serving clients with employee numbers ranging from 25-300.

What Our Client Partners Are Saying