About Us

It’s our mission to design flexible technology solutions with a “people-first” approach.

DaVinci Digital is a highly-responsive IT service provider, established in 1994 in Southeast Portland. We provide a wide range of customized services to meet diverse needs.

At the very heart of DaVinci are several core values at play

We operate with a “people first” approach.

This means that we won’t recommend a technology solution to you that isn’t completely aligned with your organization’s goals and values.

We value transparency.

At DaVinci, you will always know exactly what you are getting, and how much everything is going to cost.
You will also know that we have your back.

Our contracts are flexible and adaptable.

We won’t make you sign a contract binding us together for eternity.

We like to work here.

DaVinci puts a high premium on work-life balance and mutual respect.
We believe the genuine relationships we’ve created with one another infuse our supportive relationships with clients. Find out more at Join The Team.

When we take you on as a client, it means we’re invested in your success as much as ours.

When you become a DaVinci client, you become a part of our community, and your business’s financial health is linked to ours.

“Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo DaVinci


DaVinci Digital was founded in 1994 by two leading-edge IT professionals who were hoping to create a technology company that would be a place they wanted to come to work each day. Mike McBride and Andy Eisman came from professional IT backgrounds that were typical of larger corporate environments. When they founded DaVinci they imagined a small boutique agency deeply committed to its employees (offering unlimited paid time-off, for example!) and a mindset that people matter more than technology.

After DaVinci moved out of Andy and Mike’s garages, they shared office space with their first client (an engineering firm that is still a loyal DaVinci client) and they were off and running.

Among the organization’s early successes was a reputation for an exceptionally high client retention rate, a metric that is true today.

Twenty seven years later, Andy and Mike handed the reins to current CEO Jonathan Jedeikin, who had been with the organization since 2011. Although the leadership has evolved, the spirit of DaVinci is intact. The team at DaVinci remain committed to creating simple and elegant solutions that bring ease to workplace environments, empower businesses and foster organizational growth.

The Bakery Building
The Bakery Building, DaVinci's first official office space

Meet the Team


It is our honor and privilege at DaVinci to give back to our community. This year, we’re collaborating as a team to give back to organizations that support causes that are close to our hearts. Below are some organizations to which we’ve been honored to contribute:


DaVinci Digital is proud to be committing both time and resources to address the staggering inequity in the tech industry when it comes to hiring and employing people of color and other underrepresented groups.

We are actively partnering with the nonprofit the Contingent to improve racial and cultural diversity at the leadership level and to be a change for good.

Additionally, we are committed to the following activities on an ongoing basis:

Creating a ten-week summer internship at DaVinci for a student of color for summer of 2021 through the Emerging Leaders program at The Contingent. Our intern will be mentored, coached, sponsored, and managed by a range of engaged DaVinci staff.


Implementing mandatory diversity training for all staff, in order to strengthen and bolster DaVinci’s culture as a welcoming and inclusive environment for diverse and minority interns and employees.


Engaging in ongoing dedicated mentorship, at the senior leadership level, of young African American professionals to support and coach them up the corporate ladder.


Reaching out and connecting with business owners, stakeholders and leaders in our community to help inspire their efforts to join us in our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


Participating in day-of in-service volunteer programs that address equity to cultivate our commitment to become the change we want to see in the world.





Amon comes to DaVinci as a consulting engineer, bringing a lifelong passion for learning about technology. While growing up in Tanzania, in the rural town of Moshi under the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amon became fascinated with IT, even sneaking out of the house to access his neighbor’s computer, in a region where digital access was limited.

Amon’s parents recognized their son’s abilities and sacrificed what they could to send him to Kenya for academics, where more rigorous IT studies were available. In Kenya, Amon went on to win academic awards in high school, before relocating to the US with a full scholarship to study computer networking at North American University in Texas.

Amon is excited to work with DaVinci Digital and says, “the company seems like one big family, where everyone tries to bring out the best of the others.” He also loves working with other people from different communities and cultures.

But his biggest ambition is to soak up knowledge so that he can return home and give back to others. “Honestly,” he shares, “my interest in studying technology is to end up using it to help people, especially kids like me, around the world who have lacked exposure [to computers] and have a passion in this field.”

When he isn’t hunkered down solving IT issues, Amon loves listening to music, playing video games with friends, cooking, and trying out new recipes, watching movies, and playing soccer.





One of the two original founders of DaVinci, Andy (in partnership with Mike McBride) created DaVinci Digital in 1994, because he was passionate about serving IT clients, while providing the highest level of integrity imaginable. When DaVinci was born, “Mike and I intentionally created an environment that supported employees to perform with the feeling of partnership with DaVinci and the clients,” Andy shares. This was unlike some of the experiences Andy had previously working as a contractor with Fortune 500 clients. “At DaVinci, we made sure our clients got to know us, not just as contractors but as an extension of their businesses and as collaborators in their mission.”

Andy has a long history and interest in computer software and hardware, beginning with a high school experience in which he discovered a family of equations that had not been explored, through a programming error on a programmable calculator. This “mistake” led Andy to a position at UCLA where he attended college, developing a computer graphics system and co-teaching an upper division computer graphics math seminar.

Andy, who famously operated a juice bar on the side during the early days of DaVinci, is proud of the fact that DaVinci has always been an open, honest company putting its employees and customers above profit maximization. “Honesty and integrity are the most important qualities we foster at DaVinci, so we take personal responsibility for our mistakes and explain them to our clients and grow together from them.” Andy feels that the high level of integrity has allowed us to maintain a referral only client basis for over 28 years.

Recently retired, Andy now spends his time satisfying his passion for social justice, working one-on-one with many houseless people, helping them to acquire and maintain benefits, and providing moral support. “Most people have no idea how difficult it is to apply for everything from food assistance, to housing and disability, as well as medical insurance, when you have no address, computer literacy or access or motivation because of regularly being discounted in society.” Andy’s life is richer from volunteering for 16 years. “All the individuals I have worked with,” he shares, “are amazing, and have rich generous hearts with great compassion for others.”




A recent addition to DaVinci Digital, Anna is thrilled to bring her background in customer service and creative problem solving to the role of Chief of Operations. She has an eclectic history of leadership roles – from captaining small businesses toward substantial growth to giving large companies the warmth of a family-led business.

As part of the engine of Davinci Digital, Anna is focused on the smooth and successful running of operations so that the team can provide excellent and attentive service to its clients. When it comes to working at DaVinci, Anna is most impressed with the company’s commitment to fairness and transparency and its dedication to being the positive change that it wants to see in the world. She’s excited to help be a part of building DaVinci Digital through this next phase of growth.

In her free time, Anna is an avid vegan baker, voracious reader, and is teaching herself to play piano. She’s the proud parent of two kids who love working toward social justice and making the world a better place.





With a 15-year background in graphic design and web development, Charity loves the challenge of translating DaVinci’s mission and values into marketing collateral. Her goal is to continue to grow the company’s legacy of making a difference in the lives of its clients and staff. “DaVinci was founded by Mike and Andy – two individuals who really care about people,” she shares. “DaVinci’s reputation is imbued with that care and respect, and I’m proud to be a part of carrying that tradition forward.”

In terms of her own career trajectory, Charity never intended to become a graphic designer or web developer. She went to school for theater, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. After a friend encouraged her to learn web development she was hooked. Between designing websites, working with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and editing films, it became clear to Charity that her real passion was in storytelling through visuals.

Charity really appreciates the challenges that DaVinci has had to overcome to get to its present evolution, and feels the process helped the staff grow as individuals and also as a company. She’s excited to see how that growth will enable DaVinci to make an even larger impact on its community.

Aside from serving as DaVinci’s Director of Marketing, Charity is also one of the owners, along with her partner Jonathan. While Jonathan is entrenched in the daily operations of the business, Charity serves largely in offering strategic counsel for higher level issues, where she benefits from knowing the intricacies and dynamics of the staff and clients, while not being stuck in the weeds of the day to day. She feels this perspective sometimes lends itself to unique problem-solving for the organization.

During downtime, Charity enjoys road trips and family bike rides with Jonathan and their two daughters. She also loves doing yoga and engaging in home improvement projects.





Daniel is a seasoned Senior Consulting Engineer, with a knack for making things work better. With a passion for technology and a commitment to helping others, Daniel has carved out an integral role at DaVinci.

Daniel’s journey into the world of technology began as a personal hobby. Recognizing the growing demand for computer consultants with the release of Windows 95, he took the entrepreneurial leap and founded his own business. Over the years, Daniel has dedicated himself to serving the needs of small companies. His expertise extends to computer administrative technologies, with a focus on scalability and automation. Through his painstaking efforts, he has streamlined processes that once consumed valuable people hours.

One of Daniel’s defining qualities is his dogged determination. He once faced a challenging situation where a client had repeatedly sought help from others with no success. “I was the first person who didn’t throw my hands up and walk away,” shares Daniel, “but instead persisted until I found precisely what was wrong and fixed it.”

When it comes to DaVinci, Daniel is thrilled to be working alongside like-minded people and shares, “I quite enjoy the working culture and the direction we are going.” For Daniel, DaVinci’s ethos of prioritizing people over technology makes it a truly exceptional place to work.

Outside of his professional life, Daniel is an avid consumer of science fiction, including classics like Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Futurama, and Farscape. He also channels his technical prowess into creating scripts that automate mundane tasks, for fun!

Daniel B
Daniel B
Daniel B




As a professional services manager, Ehren has a deep understanding of a client’s IT needs and helps to coordinate DaVinci’s skilled team of engineers to seamlessly meet those needs. A veteran in the industry since 1990, Ehren has a long-held affinity for helping people use IT systems and tools to do their work.

Although Ehren studied broadcasting management in college, he has been working in some kind of IT capacity ever since he helped to run his student newspaper’s network of Macintosh computers at Arizona State. He soon developed a passion for technology and computers and, over the years, expanded his skill set to more advanced computer systems, while also broadening his base knowledge of the Mac as it evolved. 

What does he appreciate about working at Davinci? “The thing I enjoy most about DaVinci,” he shares, “is the camaraderie and community I have with my colleagues and clients.”

He is also passionate about DaVinci’s mission driven values: “What differentiates DaVinci is its commitment to serving organizations that are actively engaged in improving the human condition: non-profits who protect vulnerable groups and marginalized communities, educational institutions that provide innovative instruction in diverse fields of study, like STEM and language skills, and companies that are committed to solving challenging problems. I like to think that the work we do at DaVinci Digital helps these clients to achieve their goals.”

When Ehren isn’t busy coordinating client services, he enjoys playing soccer, singing, theater, and spending time with his fantastic wife and three amazing kids.





As the Service Desk Manager, Jesse and his team are the client’s first point of contact with any service needs that arise. A former Director of Customer Care at the nation’s largest Apple Service Provider, Jesse brings a wealth of experience to his role at DaVinci. He is thrilled to have left retail for the Managed Services model and feels like DaVinci is the best place to build deep, sustaining relationships with clients, because of the culture of universal support here that he shares is “unlike any he’s seen before the technology business.”

Enthusiastic about helping clients find the resolution they need, he says, “I’ve always found myself at the connection point between technology and people’s everyday lives.” At age 10 Jesse would secretly tear down and rebuild his home computer when he was home alone because he wanted to know more about how it worked. During his off hours Jesse spends time learning Do-It-Yourself home improvement skills to apply to his 100-plus year-old house in SE Portland!




As the logistics coordinator for DaVinci Digital, John-Richard is the first line of defense when it comes to responding to clients who are having technical issues. And that’s a good thing! After 13 years of working at Geek Squad, John-Richard has a wealth of experience dealing with end user support and repair, and he makes it his mission to set up every project for success.

Not only is John-Richard great with the details, he’s equity minded as well. At his former company he gained a reputation for pushing for new hiring practices and increased his team’s demographics to include more than 50% women on staff. 

John-Richard is excited to be a part of DaVinci where, “everyone has genuine empathy for everyone they work with,” he shares. “There is something unique about being able to get 12 people together that all care about the other’s success just as much as their own.”

During downtime John-Richard spends time writing, “for Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing groups,” or engaging in trivia game nights with friends.




A highly accomplished IT leader with over two decades working in the technology sector, Jonathan is known for his intuitive ability to blend real-world expertise in leading technologies with a sharp business acumen, in order to facilitate highly creative solutions resulting in extraordinary results.

As the CEO and leader at DaVinci Digital, Jonathan values treating people with integrity above all other business goals, and makes it his personal mission.

With a background in running IT consultancies and managing diverse clients such as Apple, CNN, Procter & Gamble, Genentech and the Walt Disney Company, Jonathan learned firsthand that the most fruitful solutions are often born not from technology, but from the authentic communication between people who use computers everyday, and the people designing technical environments.

“At the end of the day there are at least 25 different solutions for any problem,” shares Jonathan, “But what makes any solution successful is a deep understanding of organizational and human needs.”

Jonathan loves collaborating with others and genuinely cares about the people on his team. He always looks forward to working with new clients and values every partnership he enters into as an opportunity to discover how technology can help make a business grow.

Before officially donning the tech hat, Jonathan dabbled in a wide range of renaissance endeavors, including running his own record label, painting abstract art, and working as a life coach. These sorts of experiences led him to imbue his work in technology with a distinctly human presence.

When he’s not leading engagement with clients or working with his team at Davinci, Jonathan pursues his passion for fitness, running the Hood to Coast Relay Race every year; enjoys spending time at with his partner, Charity, and two daughters in the Milwaukie neighborhood, and is involved with the local elementary school, as well as with a range of local nonprofits.





As a Logistics Coordinator, Kayla is the first point of contact for clients, after they submit tickets using the DaVinci Help Desk. “It’s our responsibility to make certain that everyone gets assistance in a timely manner while also prioritizing the most critical issues,” she shares. “It’s definitely a balancing act.”

And it’s a balancing act, she’s well-versed in. Kayla comes to DaVinci with a background in customer service, after working at the Geek Squad for several years as a trouble shooter for systems and repairs. Kayla has built a solid foundation for collaborating with people to better understand the issue they’re having, and then figuring out next steps in finding a solution.

She’s happy to have landed at DaVinci and feels incredibly supported by her coworkers. “It’s a great atmosphere to work in, with a strong support structure in place that enables everyone to succeed in their role,” Kayal says. “It’s been an awesome opportunity to learn and grow in a new role with its own set of challenges.”

When she’s not helping clients solve problems, Kayla likes to spend time with her partner, Zack, playing both video and board games together, as well as reading, cross-stitching, jigsaw puzzling, and playing with their two cats.  




As a recent addition to the consulting team, Mathew comes to DaVinci Digital with more than 20 years experience working as an engineer across a broad swath of industries, from industrial and property management to healthcare and non-profits.

He’s enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply his expertise and background to help DaVinci clients become more successful and improve their bottom line. Mathew has a reputation for putting himself on the line for his clients, and once worked for 36 hours straight to resolve an unexpected issue for a company so that he could keep their daily operations functioning.

 In his time at DaVinci he has been impressed by how the company takes pride in the work they do and appreciates the amount of work they put into running the business efficiently. “The level of detail that goes into the business,” he shares, “allows the team to singularly focus on what the client needs.” 

When he’s not donning his engineering hat, Mathew loves camping, fishing, and tinkering with tech.





As the Director of Network Architecture, Mike spends the majority of his time consulting, designing, implementing and supporting solid IT solutions for DaVinci clients.  

With previous work history in the roles of System Administrator, Network Manager, and Network Consultant, Mike feels his position at DaVinci is a natural evolution of his professional portfolio. “I’ve always been driven by interesting challenges,” he shares “and I’m always looking to bring creative solutions to clients.”

While working as a consultant to Kraft Food years ago, Mike fondly recalls a previous project when he was asked to create Disaster Recovery solutions for the Fortune 500 Corporation. “This turned out to be an exciting and uniquely challenging opportunity,” he shares. In the end Mike was instrumental in guiding Kraft through evolving solution strategies and coming up with a creative solution to assure a complete recovery in the event of disaster.

Mike appreciates working at DaVinci and feels that the company brings an authentic caring approach to supporting their clients. He also likes the interesting range of clients he gets to serve. He shares, “They each bring unique challenges that require both thoughtfulness and a breadth of technical knowhow, in order to design a solution that balances needs with technical capabilities.”

During his time away from computer screens, Mike enjoys spending time running, road bicycling, woodworking, and hiking.

Mike K




As one of the original founders and former owners of DaVinci Digital, Mike has proudly watched the organization grow through the early days–when it operated out of a garage–to its current success as a 13-person team with a history of happy and engaged clients. Mike credits the organization’s longevity to he and Andy’s capacity to “attract honest and skilled people to work with.” 

“In our careers Andy and I had worked at a number of tech firms ranging from Fortune 100 to small high-tech startups,” he explains, “and we just wanted more control over the work environment for ourselves and for our coworkers.”

It turns out, hiring the right people has made all the difference to DaVinci’s ability to differentiate itself.  “Smart hiring and retention turned out to be critical in terms of maintaining a place where everyone wanted to continue to work, year after year,” he shares.

“Great staff has also been a big part of the personal connection and trust we have developed with clients,” he says. “So, ultimately, that is what I am most proud of, the decades long trust and friendship with coworkers and clients.”

Like a lot of tech whizzes, Mike’s journey to IT came after initially rejecting traditional academics. “Grade school and high school were really not a great fit for me.” Mike explains. “I dropped out of high school and fixed cars for a while.” 

Eventually Mike decided to get his GED and register at Portland State University. At PSU, he worked as an operator on the school mainframe computer and ran the micro computing lab during a time when the early IBM and Apple Macintosh microcomputers were coming out. Before founding DaVinci with Andy, Mike had the opportunity to work in a university environment, a big corporate environment, and the tech startup world.

Ultimately Mike says they founded DaVinci Digital to create a company that would be a new model for working transparently with clients in an engaged and collaborative manner. “We have always tried to do the right thing,” he says.  “It is a fundamental part of how we make decisions. We also try very hard not to forget that real people are doing the work of the company. It is people, including the owners, who perform the work.  In the political world, there is the concept of corporations as people.  I think this is the reverse of that. People as the corporation.  In the end, the company is the aggregation of human energy put out by the people who work there.”

Mike has recently retired from DaVinci. Mike loves to read, sharing “It has been a lifelong pleasure,” as well as spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and learning about how things work and how they are interconnected.





A Windows administrator and a network technician to boot, Miles wears a lot of hats at DaVinci, and deems himself “useful in an emergency.” With years spent working in tech from everything to “telephony and cabling, databases, programming, networking, Windows, Linux,” Miles claims, “there isn’t much I haven’t gotten my hands dirty with.”

His interest in IT began as a teenager, when he maintained, upgraded, and installed network capabilities for over 200 sites across the entire state of Texas in locations ranging from apartment buildings to RV parks.

After employment at a range of companies, Miles appreciates working at DaVinci and enjoys the blend of people. “Everybody on staff is a joy to be around and easy to work with,” he shares. And he also appreciates DaVinci’s work ethics. “The thing that sets DaVinci Digital apart is our ability to see the humanity in people. We don’t look at our staff or clients as numbers on the page or tickets in the system. We see them for the individuals they are and sincerely tailor our actions accordingly.”

Outside of work hours Miles spends most of his free time raising a rambunctious little boy, traveling, hiking, snowboarding, playing music, watching soccer, reading, playing video games, and tinkering with all things technical. You can also find Miles at every Timbers home game in the North End keeping rhythm with the drummers.




A former Mac Genius and solutions architect, Phil brings 14 years of IT consulting experience to DaVinci Digital, where he is responsible for maintaining the quality of the professional services, as well as the day-to-day operations of the technical staff. Unlike the stress of some of his previous employment – including remotely troubleshooting air gapped government systems ­­– Phil greatly appreciates the atmosphere at DaVinci because of the integrity everyone brings to the table. He shares that at DaVinci, “We are open and honest with our customers and we own up to our mistakes and make every effort to make them right.” He also loves working with a close-knit team that he feels is extremely supportive of one another.

When he’s not serving clients, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and tinkering with most anything with an engine in it.




With a background in technology, having worked for a range of both large and small companies, Sayyid likes to apply his wealth of experience working with Microsoft and Cloud technologies to help simplify processes to meet the flexible and changing needs of customers.

Although he’s new to DaVinci, Sayyid has been around the block when it comes to providing excellent client support; among other stories, he once worked a 123-hour week for a global organization’s disaster recovery project . . . over the holidays.

He’s excited to become a part of a culture that he feels puts a lot of thought into serving its customers with a unique approach. “I really appreciate the integrity, collaboration, and thoughtfulness DaVinci displays internally which radiates externally to employees, clients, and customers,” he shares.

In his downtime Sayyid enjoys playing board games, practicing archery, and traveling. He also appreciates time to hang out with his partner and their two lovely cats.





As a Senior Consulting Engineer, Tanner is well versed in cloud and server engineering, and he enjoys his work. He inherited his passion for working in technology from his father who was the IT Manager at the local hospital in central Nebraska where Tanner grew up.

“I started out in Computer Programming,” relates Tanner, “but a technical error sent me to the wrong class, which was a course on Windows and Linux Servers.” The specialty stuck and Tanner’s been doing it ever since.

When he isn’t hunkered down in front of a computer, Tanner likes to spend time with his young son Charlie and wife, Shayla. He loves most things sports, including Football (“Go ‘Skers!”) Basketball, Soccer, Golf, and Baseball. Weekends find Tanner hiking, hanging at the beach, snowboarding, and learning new hobbies, most recently brewing his own beer. 




In February, 2021, DaVinci dolefully marked the passing of our beloved office companion and unofficial mascot Fergus. He is remembered by all who met him and adored him; his quiet, gentle, and clever demeanor contravening all assumptions about small dogs in general (and Chihuahuas specifically).

As a regular around the DaVinci office, Fergus helped set the chill vibe by forcing employees to scratch his neck and bring him special snacks like shredded carrots. Originally adopted by Jesse through the Oregon Humane Society’s “Second Chance” program, Fergus hailed from Los Angeles, or so we believe. He spent most of his time making the rounds at the office and sleeping, with a special talent for wrapping a blanket around himself like a little burrito before dozing off. Born with an acute mitral valve failure, Fergus nevertheless lived a full life with his oversized heart–a condition that proved less a liability and more a symbol for his capacity for love; a treasure that taught us how sometimes the ways we are “broken” are actually the ways we are perfect.

On the occasion of his passing, friends came together and donated nearly $1,000 to Oregon Humane Society in Fergus’s name, to continue their Second Chance program that helps pets from other shelters discover the humans that need them. If you are so moved, you can also donate in Fergus’s name at https://secure.oregonhumane.org/fergus.

We love you and miss you, Fergus. <3